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Departmental Office
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General Information

In the Summer Semester 2020, the courses and the end-of-term exams at the ZFA will take place in online formats. The exact formats, contents and exam dates will be announced by the course teachers. There will be no exams which require students' presence at the university.

Course assessment will generally comprise one (or more) cumulative component(s), which are integrative components of the courses in terms of content and organization. As a result, we will not be able to offer resit exams in the traditional format outside of the courses in the Summer Semester 2020.

In cases of hardship please contact

Students who have not withdrawn their registration for the course on eCampus until 15.05.2020 are automatically registered for the final exam.

Dealing with technical faults during an online exam

In this exceptional semester, performance assessment usually takes place online: on Moodle, via Zoom or similar. This form of performance assessment is prone to technical problems.

We as teachers and examiners at the ZFA make every effort to ensure that an online examination runs smoothly. However, it is also, and above all, your responsibility as the examinee to ensure that you have sufficient technical equipment on the exam date before the exam. This includes both a suitable end device and a stable Internet connection.

You can find further information in this memo sheet.

Grades and Certifications

RUB Students can find and print their grades and theTranscript of Records (ToR) in eCampus.

Signed course certificates are issued on request, if a Transcript of Records is insufficient or a certificate is needed for applications or other purposes. Please contact .

UNIcert®‐certificates can be picked up at the front office (SH 2/207). You will receive an email as soon as your certificate is ready.