Departmental Office
Here you will find our contact details, office hour and more information about
the departmental office

General Information about Course Allocation

All ZFA courses require a minimum number of participants (between 9 and 15 depending on the course). The course may be cancelled if this number is not reached. LSP courses are the exception to this rule.

Course materials are not provided free of charge; you must pay for them yourself.

Compact Courses
Information about our compact courses can be found in the course catalogue.

Registration for compact courses starts at the same time as for the courses that are held during the semester, but only ends just before the compact course starts. Less than four weeks before the course starts registration is only possible via email to

Last-minute course place availability:
Spare course places will be advertised on our homepage during the first teaching week.

Allocation of Course Places to RUB students

At the end of the registration period, CampusOffice allocates places automatically. You will be informed via email whether you have been allocated a place or not. If you are not allocated a place, your name will automatically be added to the waiting list.
If you do not intend to participate in the course, please delete your registration in CampusOffice.

If you do not attend the first lesson, your registration in CampusOffice will be deleted.

Waiting List for RUB Students
Students sometimes delete their registration or do not come to the first lesson. In such cases, available places are given to students on the waiting list.

You may not go to the first lesson if you have not registered and been allocated a place.

Allocation of Course Places
to External Candidates and 'Gasthörende'

You will be informed by email if you have been successful. This may happen at short notice. You have no automatic right to a course place.

Before you can attend the course, you must sign and submit the contract to the Front Office. We will send you the contract with the information mail, taht we can offer you a place.