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SoSe 20 current

on this page you will find in ticker format the latest changes regarding the language courses of the foreign languages section in SoSe 20. detailed information can be found on the respective pages.

The section German as a foreign language (DaF) provides information on its own pages.

If you are looking for information on a specific topic, you can search the page for keywords using the search function "Ctrl+F".

Comprehensive information from the Ruhr-University Bochum on the current situation can be found on the central page Current information on Corona.
The pages also contain the public letter from the Prorector for Teaching and International Affairs to the students (01.04.2020), which you should also have received by e-mail.

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22.06.2020 Dealing with technical problems in an online exam

On the page Course-leaving examinations you will find an information sheet on this.

05.05.2020 DELE and IELTS, Language Café

In the summer semester 2020 no DELE and IELTS examinations can be taken at the ZFA. We will inform you about the next dates on the respective pages as soon as possible.

The Language Café of the International Office will take place online this semester. Further information can be found here.

20.04.2020 Spanish group tandem courses

The Spanish group tandem courses in cooperation with the University of Oviedo cannot be offered. Further information here.

20.04.2020 Allocation eCampus

All registration procedures and replacements are closed since this morning.

16.04.2020 exams

In the summer semester 2020, both the courses and the exams at the ZFA will take place in an unattended format. Further information can be found on the page exams.

14.04.2020 DAAD test

During the transition period (probably until September 2020), the DAAD test for English will take place online on certain days only. French and Spanish will be cancelled until further notice. You can find further information on the page DAAD language certificate.

09.04.2020 Textbooks in digital courses

The Moodle offers are textbook-based and the textbooks can be purchased after a course place has been reserved. The textbooks can be purchased, for example, through the delivery service of local bookshops.

Details of the textbooks per course can be found in eCampus, at event and/or module level.

08.04.2020 tandem and coaching offers, Update to the entry from 30.03.2020

In the summer semester 2020 a tandem session is only possible under the condition that you agree to conduct the tandem sessions exclusively via electronic communication services or other telecommunications. Here you can find further information.

Update to the entry from 30.03.2020 Registration in eCampus:
We will inform the admitted participants about the registration for the courses in Moodle on 19.04.2020 by mail. Please be sure to check your RUB email address (not only) on that day.

07.04.2020 general information on attendance, course times and examinations

Teachers develop a variety of modules for the acquisition of the four communicative skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing), which are processed both synchronously and asynchronously with relatively free time allocation. The design of these courses will be as varied as the usual courses offered by the ZFA. For this reason, no binding details for individual courses can be given here.

For the oral competence there will be opportunities to communicate with the teachers and/or fellow students using appropriate tools (e.g. Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or similar), depending on the structure of the course offerings. These can take place during the previous course times or, by arrangement and subject to the availability of the teachers, at other times. The design of these tools is the responsibility of the lecturers and will develop during the course of the semester.

Information on the compulsatory attendance and on the purchase of a performance certificate can be found on the page course participation.

06.04.2020 Information letter of the ZFA

Last week, following the example of the Vice Rector for Academic and International Affairs, we sent a separate letter on SoSe 20 to all course participants of the last two semesters. You can find it here to read (available only in German).

01.04.2020 Reachability Front Office

The employees of the front office is now available between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. via service mobile phones. The telephone numbers can be found on the page Front Office.

31.03.2020 UNIcert®

In view of the upcoming semester without any presence, we have decided to suspend UNIcert® certifications at the ZFA in SoSe 2020. You will find further information shortly on the page UNIcert®.

30.03.2020 Registration in eCampus

The office has the possibility to make registrations for students in eCampus. You can find further information about this and the conditions on the page Registration under the point "First time students of the RUB".

25.03.2020 Extension of the registration deadline

The registration deadline in eCampus has been extended until 16.04.2020, 5 am. First time students of the RUB can still register for the courses in eCampus. No card reader? Please contact the eCampus Helpdesk as a first step.

The registration deadline for students from another university (participants without a matriculation number) ends on 15.04.2020, 9 am.

The Ministry for School and Education NRW has prohibited school events at extracurricular venues in SoSe20. Therefore, all offers of the ZFA for young students within the framework of the Young University are no longer available.

24.03.2020 Placement test

Placement tests are made exclusively online. The times and the procedure apply to all students regardless of their university affiliation. You can find all further information on the page placement test.