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Please note:

To register for the tandem program, you need to have at least an A2 level of language proficency according to (CEFRL) in your target language. To obtain Credit Points, you need to have at least an B1 level of language proficiency in your target language.

Tandem Arranging Service

You can register for a tandem partnership by filling out this form online.

Special Situation in the Sommer Semester 2021

In the current sommer semester 2021, tandem sessions are only possible under the condition that you agree to conduct the tandem sessions only via electronic communication services. Without you ticking the respective boxes we will not be able to arrange a tandem for you.

We will send you an e-mail as soon as we've found a tandem partner for you which contains more information on how to proceed.

Information on registration

The matching of tandem partnerships takes place continuously throughout the semester. Please note, however, that all tandem registrations lose their validity with the beginning of a new semester. New tandem registration forms can be handed in from 15th September for the winter semester and 15th March for the summer semester.


Do I have to attend the introductory session?

Yes. The introductory session is obligatory for everyone who hasn't attended it last semester. In sommer semester 2021 this event will not take place in presence. For questions about the Guide to Introduction to Tandem Learning, there are office hours via Zoom in the summer semester 2021: Tuesdays 10-11 a.m. Please register via The link to the meeting room will then be given to you.

Do I have to complete a language proficiency test?

No. However, if you want to obtain credit points for your Tandem, you must submit a document which certifies language proficiency of (at least) B1 level (CEFR) in your target language. Please bring it to the Tandem Office at the beginning of your Tandem. 

How long does it take until we have found a Tandem partner for you?

It depends on the number of applications. Please note that we might not be able to find a Tandem partner for you if the language you request is rare or unusual. The general rule is the earlier in the semester you register, the more likely it is that we can find a suitable Tandem partner for you.

Can I register for more than one target language?

Yes. If you want to register for more than one language, please complete a registration form for each one.

Can I learn the same target language with several Tandem partners?

Yes. We will try to find more than one Tandem partner for you but it depends on the number of applications. You must complete a registration form for each Tandem partner you would like to learn with.

How much time should I invest in a Tandem?

Ideally, you should spend at least 2 hours per week with your partner. In the sommer semester 2021 the tandem sessions can be conducted only via video telephony, e-mail etc.

When do I have to decide whether I would like to obtain Credit Points or not?

Please let us know at the beginning of your Tandem (after the introductory session) if you wish to obtain Credit Points. If you decide to obtain Credit Points at a later point, please contact Ms Enke Spänkuch as this is then decided on a case-by-case basis because obtaining 2.5 or 5 Credit Points requires a substantial workload.