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Offered Languages

Actually (state: May 2018) you can acquire the following UNIcert®-Certificates:

  • Arabic: Basic
    (course level A2)
  • English: Level II and III
    (course level B2 to C1)
  • French: Level I, II and III
    (course level B1 to C1)
  • Italian: Level I and II
    (course level B1 to B2)
  • Japanese: Level Basic
    (course level A2)
  • Dutch: Level I and II
    (course level B1 to B2)
  • Polish: Level Basis, I and II
    (course level A2 to B2)
  • Russian: Level Basis, I and II
    (course level A2 to B2)
  • Schwedish: Level I and II
    (course level B1 and B2)
  • Spanish: Level I and II
    (course level B1 to B2)
  • Turkish: Level Basis
    (course level A2)


UNIcert® FAQ (german)   (467.8 kB)


UNIcert® at RUB

UNIcert® certificates are recognized throughout Germany and the neighboring countries. They can be used when changing a degree course and place of residence or when applying for studies and internships abroad.

Currently, there are around 50 recognized institutions in Germany, which offer UNIcert®.

What is UNIcert®?

  • university-specific programme of education and certification for languages - all levels offered by the ZFA are listed in the right column
  • action-oriented language instruction that can be applied in academic and work contexts (reading and listening comprehension, written and oral production)
  • in many cases a less expensive alternative to international standardized language tests.

Registration for UNIcert® exam

All students who have completed the training programme (preparatory UNIcert® language courses at the ZFA) beforehand. Information about the different levels as well as the terms of participation will be provided by the lecturers. Please check eCampus to learn about the courses currently offered at the ZFA.

The registration period for the current semester lasts from 03 June 2019 to 04 July 2019.

How can I register?
Please register here within the registration period.

Questions or concerns?
We collected and answered the most frequently asked questions in the attached document at in the side bar. During the registration period we also offer consultation appointments. The exact dates will soon be published on the German website and are communicated in the courses.

Please don't hesitate to contact us via for further information.