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General RUB Students (Ersthörende)

All of our language courses are free of charge for every student of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Ersthörende). There is no limitation for the number of courses one can take. As a RUB student, you must register via eCampus. This is also the case for courses you take for the optional part of your studies ('Optionalbereich'). Please note that a personal registration at ZFA will not lead to course participation and crediting.

For information regarding the dates and registration process for our placement tests, seeEinstufungen

More information
How to register
Infofilm "Was muss ich für die Anmeldung am ZFA wissen" (only in German)

Registration in eCampus

In principle, the office has the possibility to make registrations for students in eCampus. However, we cannot give any information about seat allocations or waiting lists after courses have been allocated. We will not be able to answer such requests. We will inform admitted participants about the registration for courses in Moodle by e-mail by 19.04.2020 at the latest. Please be sure to check your RUB email address (not only) on that day.

Emails with registration requests will be processed immediately if either
- the placement result with placement semester or
- the successfully completed preliminary course with exact details or
- an external certificate (not older than 2 years)
are specified or available

Please write to us from your RUB e-mail address and do not forget to include your matriculation number.

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Non-General RUB Students

Students of ZFA-cooperations:

University Witten/Herdecke
Hochschule für Gesundheit
Hochschule Bochum
As well as other universities and Young University students.

Click here for further information about application deadlines and other important dates.

RUB Staff Members

The IFB (Professional Development Centre) offers special courses for RUB staff. Further foreign languages can be booked via the IFB.

Members of staff who are also interested in the ZFA language courses, please contact the head of ZFA, Dr. Astrid Reich.

Private Person

Unfortunately, we do not offer language courses for external applicants who are not enrolled in a university.