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Here you will find the registration form for external candidates.

Contract for external candidates


Our course registration dates can be found here:
Deadlines and Important Dates.

After registration closes, places are allocated automatically by CampusOffice.

Registration for language courses at the ZFA - what you have to know:

RUB Students ('Ersthörende')

Our language courses are free of charge and open to all RUB students. There is no limit to the number of courses you may take.

As a RUB student, you must register via CampusOffice (as below). This also applies if you are taking courses as an optional part of your studies ('Optionalbereich').

In exceptional cases the ZFA can complete the registration for you (e.g. if access to CampusOffice is denied or you have lost your student ID card). Please contact us at


External Candidates
External candidates can take part of our courses if we have not a waiting list of RUB-students. This offer is a paid service. The fee will only be due when we can offer you a place and if you do accept this by signing the contract with ZFA. Without extra notification made by the administration office of ZFA a participation is not possible. The exact costs are shown in the table below:

Groups Costs per
Teaching hour (SWS)
total costs
Students at other German universities (as well of the UA Ruhr) 25,-€ 50,-€ / 100,-€
RUB staff members
30,-€ 60,-€ / 120,-€
Private individuals 50,-€ 100,-€ / 200,-€

  • You can register here

Please note that RUB students ('Ersthörende') are given priority when course places are allocated.

RUB Staff Members
Our Courses are available as well for RUB staff members. The registration is possible over the link above for external candidates.

The ZFA and the IFB (Professional Development Centre) offer tailored courses free of charge to RUB staff members. Information and registration details are available here.