Departmental Office
Here you will find our contact details, office hour and more information about
the departmental office

General Information about Course Allocation

Course materials are not provided free of charge; these must be acquired at your own cost.

Prior to the courses the placement levels will be compared with the course levels . Applications deviating from these levels are not accepted and will lead to exclusion from the course.

Allocation of Course Places to RUB students

At the end of the registration period, eCampus allocates places automatically. You will be informed via email whether you have been allocated a place or not. If you are not allocated a place, your name will automatically be added to the waiting list.
If you no longer wish to attend the course, please cancel your registration in eCampus. This allows for students in the waiting list to be granted a spot in the course.

If you do not attend the first lesson, your registration in eCampus will be deleted.

Waiting List for RUB Students
Students sometimes delete their registration or do not come to the first lesson. In such cases, available places are given to students on the waiting list.

It is not allowed to go to the first lesson if you have not been officially granted a spot in the course

Allocation of Course Places
to External Candidates and 'Gasthörende'

Students from cooperating universities will be informed about their university about the possibilities of participation. Further information can be found on the "Registration" page.

Students from other universities can only be served at a lower level. The decision about participation lies solely with the office of the ZFA.

Consultation to change courses or levels

For students who wish to change their level and/or course in the first week of the course, we offer an open consultation hour. Further information and dates can be found on the page "Deadlines & Dates".