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Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP)

"Learning a foreign language is your gateway to the world. Learning the technical and scientific aspects of a language is the golden ticket into professional life.”

Target Group

The ZFA offers specialised language courses for students of all faculties who want to attend more than just a general language course. Rather, our specialised language offerings aim to achieve specific competences in the general as well as the linguistic and methodological areas of their discipline.

Language Levels

As in all ZFA courses, the levels of the technical language courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). They always have a starting level (prerequisite), but in contrast to most general language courses, they are predominantly at a certain level plateau. Accordingly, there is often a greater degree of internal differentiation.

Language for Specific Purposes courses (LSP)

Specialised language courses are courses that are specially designed in connection and cooperation with a specific subject area, degree programme or faculty. With increasing linguistic level, they work with real subject-related texts and situations that require specific linguistic action potential. Depending on the focus, they teach productive and receptive competences always with a view to specific subject-related skills. These courses are reserved for students of the subjects mentioned in the title and cannot be attended by students of other subject areas.

Course choice

How do I find the right event? Think about which language(s) is (are) important for you in your studies and in your future professional reality (key qualification). If you want to achieve comprehensive competencies in a specific language and learn in an interdisciplinary group, then choose a so-called general language course, i.e. a level- or competency-oriented course. Alternatively, choose a bilingual or multilingual course. If you want to acquire language skills specifically in the area of your subject, choose a specialized language course. You can find the full range of courses here: Online-VVZ der RUB

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We do not offer courses in your specialty? Specific courses can be designed for each faculty. Please contact us, your faculty or your deanery.
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