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If you have any questions about the programme and to apply for participation, please contact:

Anna Soltyska
Room SH 2/216
Tel +49 (0)234 32 26559

Nicola Heimann-Bernoussi
Room SH 2/217
Tel +49 (0)234 32 28119

Description incl. Prerequisites

In these module masks you will find further information on the specific assistant activities, the requirements for participation and the workload for 5CP and 10CP:

Modulmaske 5CP
Modulmaske 10CP

Language assistants at the ZFA

The language assistant programme at the ZFA offers (international) RUB students with very good language skills the opportunity to gain experience in exchange with language learners and through the support of the teachers in targeted assistance in the language classes of the ZFA.

Who the program is aimed at

The language assistant programme at the ZFA is aimed at (international) RUB students whose native language or strong foreign language is taught at the ZFA. They should have skills on native or at least B2 level in the target language of the course (English, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Swedish or Spanish).

What tasks language assistants take on

Language assistants act as a link between the students and the teaching staff and as a model of authentic language use. At the same time, they transport cultural knowledge about the countries of the target language and can participate creatively and organisationally.
Depending on the course level and language, you can take on the following tasks:
• Support in development of teaching material for use in class (e.g. guided playful activities such as Kahoot) and on Moodle
• Conducting of short (country-specific) presentation in class
• Tutoring
• Support of advertising measures for the target language
• Planning and holding of special cultural events (e.g. film evening)

What advantages the program offers

Students benefit particularly from close cooperation with teachers, gain insights into teaching practices and have the opportunity to establish social contacts. In addition, participation in the program can be credited with 5 or 10 CPs and be recognised in the Optionalbereich. Upon request, you’re able to receive a letter of recommendation at the end of the programme.

Teachers benefit from the collaboration with language assistants by heightening the authenticity of the class, especially through the role of language assistants as mediators in terms of culture and possibly by their similar life experienced due to similarities in age. Additionally, through this programme teachers can pass on their expertise, knowledge and skills to others.

How to apply for participation

If you are interested, please send the following documents in German or English until 07.10.2024, 8:00 a.m. to and
- Application letter explaining your relationship to the target language and your motivation to participate in the programme
- Transcript of records or CV

Successful applicants will be invited to participate in the mandatory introductory workshop at the ZFA on Friday, 11.10.2024, 12:00-16:00.