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Course formats

mplementing the decision of the Landesrektorenkonferenz and the RUB, most courses will return to the usual format, i.e. courses will be held either once a week for 180 min. or twice a week for 90 min. in presence. In addition, we offer occasional courses in online or Blended Learning format.

By online courses we mean courses whose teaching takes place entirely via Zoom. By Blended Learning courses we mean courses where a fixed part of the teaching takes place in presence. In addition, synchronous sessions via Zoom and/or online assignments to be completed asynchronously are an integral part of the courses. The exact design can vary.

Asynchronous online assignments (e.g. in Moodle) can also be a component of the course programme in the face-to-face and online courses.

You will receive detailed information in the first course session.
In all courses, attendance is compulsory at 75% and it is necessary to submit required compulsory assignments on time.


How should I choose my courses?

Every semester, the ZFA offers more than 170 courses in 13 languages. In addition to our wide range of courses for general academic purposes (LAP), we also offer courses for specific academic purposes (LSP). Many are open to students of all disciplines and others exclusively to students of particular subjects. You can find our course catalogue in the Languages for Academic Purposes section.

Drop-in-Advice: Which Language Should I Choose?

In the weeks leading up to the start of each semester, we offer drop-in-advice sessions in which you can find out more about the languages and certificates we offer. This is particularly helpful if you are unsure which language to choose, or are uncertain of the ZFA’s regulations.
Exact dates are available on the Deadlines & Important Dates page.

It is also possible to make an appointment with a lecturer at any time to receive more detailed information about a particular language. For general enquiries, please send an e-mail to the Front Office.


Successfully completed courses at the ZFA can be accredited as optional units with the exception of some LSP courses. On the Optionalbereich website, you will be able to find those ZFA courses which are recognised and can be accredited as modules in section [1] (Fremdsprachen/Modern Languages).

Beginners’ courses are only accredited in combination with the relevant follow-up course. The first two levels of a language are referred to as a Basis Module and 10CP are awarded on completion. All courses with four contact hours per week are recognised as individual modules in their own right. They are accredited by the optional units without the addition of another course. Courses with two contact hours per week must be combined with another course. If you only do the course to receive a certificate of participation, this will not be accredited by the Optionalbereich. For more information contact the Optionalbereich or Dr. Nicola Heimann-Bernoussi.