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Impulses for your tandem language learning

Here you can view and download the impulses for your tandem language learning.

Suggestions for working in tandem

We offer different ideas and supplementary materials for language learning in tandem. You find structured materials for eleven topics and eight languages with which you can train specific aspects of your language use. You choose between three activities

  • exchanging information
  • expressing opinions
  • solving concrete situations.

You can use these materials in a flexible manner. Accordingly, you can adjust these resources to your own level and your learning objectives.

Example: Exchanging information

Mm En

If you want to practice how to exchange information you can use authentic graphics or mind-maps. Graphics provide very specific aspects for an exchange, whereas mind-maps only offer introductory key notes to a topic. Decide for yourself what materials you want to use in which manner for your purposes.

Example: Exchanging opinions

Ma En

Quotes and statements serve as support to engage you and your tandem partner in a discussion. This helps you to practice how to communicate agreement and disagreement. When expressing your opinion, you can emphasize further aspects or include other relevant quotes.

Example: Concrete situations

Ks En

In a tandem you can practice how to solve concrete situations and work on a tangible product that will be of immediate use, for example a CV, a formal application or an email. With your tandem partner's help you can simulate a telephone conversation, practice how to participate in class or how to give a presentation. The tandem materials serve as ideas and suggestions for your personal interests and learning objectives.