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Speaker Profiles (ESAP 2017)

Hilary Glasman-Deal Keynote lecture: The role of the ESAP practitioner in science research writing: it's only rocket science Presentation slides
Tim Skern Keynote lecture: A research scientist’s view of scientific writing Presentation slides
Rheanne Anderson Workshop: Structuring ideas: explicit instruction to achieve an essay Presentation slides
Tony Brown Presentation: Using transitivity analysis in the teaching of scientific and technical writing Presentation slides
Monique Dorang Presentation: Supporting international graduates writing in English as Another Language Presentation slides
Terri Edwards Presentation: Developing materials for lab report writing in three STEM disciplines Presentation slides
Julio Gimenez Presentation: Writing practitioners and content lecturers working together: Collaboration, research, pedagogy The presentation was cancelled due to illness
Janice Hinckfuss Workshop: Enter Stage Left. Beyond The Metaphor: Academic Writing as Performance Presentation slides
Peter Hull Presentation: Editing to ensure conciseness in abstract writing for scientific papers Presentation slides
Anke Schröder Workshop: Developing Academic Text Proficiency from the Perspective of Writing Pedagogy & Research
Jennifer Sizer Presentation: Practitioner-perceived challenges of English for ARTISTIC purposes Presentation slides
Jane Sjoberg Workshop: ESAP for Foundation Science & Engineering Presentation slides
Georgina Willms Presentation: Redefining academic writing using everyday communication The presentation was cancelled due to illness
Aaron Woodcock Presentation: Two in One: Meeting the challenge of specificity and developing scientific communication skills Presentation slides